Instructor: Jeffrey S. Racine, Professor, McMaster University, Canada.

Topics covered by ASSEE 2018 include

  • Density estimation (conditional and unconditional)
  • Conditional mean estimation
  • Conditional quantile estimation
  • Conditional volatility estimation
  • Panel data models (fixed and random effects)
  • Using R and R markdown for reproducible research


Li Yijie , ASSEE 2017

The whole program reaches an excellent balance!

I learnt a lot about duration analysis, including both theories and how to do empirical analysis with it. The lab sessions are very helpful in improving my understandings of the contents of the lectures. The course is great, and the dinners and excursions are also great.

This course will introduce attendees to recent developments in semi- and nonparametric statistical and econometric methods. The emphasis will be on kernel-based approaches.

The course will be held over a five-day period and the format will consist of formal lectures in the morning for three hours per day, then there will be a two-hour computer lab in the afternoon where attendees will gain hands-on experience by working through a set of assignments that will involve a set of popular datasets and topics. No prior experience in nonparametric methods nor exposure to the R software environment for statistical computing and graphics is presumed.

Attendees are expected to bring a laptop computer and all necessary software is free and open source. Attendees will receive advice on software installation prior to arriving at the course venue. Recent developments in tools for conducting reproducible research will be integrated into the course. A course website will contain all necessary material. Hardcopies of the lecture slides will be provided.