ASSEE 2016

Anonymous: “The summer school was a great experience. Prof. Cameron excellently covered interesting and complex econometric topics with intuitive explanation and practical examples. The organization of the summer school, including excursions and accomodation, was wonderful”

​ASSEE 2015 

Reddy Yarram Suba, University of New England: “Thank you for the opportunity to attend the ASSEE 2015. Professor Allastair Hall ran an excellent summar school covering endogeneity in econometric models. The lab sessions are well planned and Andreas did a very good job as a lab instructor. I must really appreciate Margarita's hospitality and willingness to assist all participants. I would also like to thank Vangelis, Dimitra and Costas for their timely response in supporting all participants. I particularly liked the accommodation in student halls with its sweeping views of the sea. A great mix of content, cullinary and enthusiastic participants. I wish all the best for future summer schools and I know I will definetely come back one day”

Speigner Bradley, Bank of England: The summer school provided the opportunity to learn directly from a leading contributor to an important field of econometrics. I would definitely recommend it to economists looking to upgrade their quantitative skills in a short period of time.”

Almanzar Miguel, Georg-August University Goettingen: "The Summer School was a great opportunity to get an understanding a topic that is current and widely applicable. The instructor and organizers are very approachable and willing to discuss questions on the course and how it may be applied to your current research. The setting couldn't be better! Student and researchers from all over the world and with varied research interests make for lively conversations and a great opportunity to learn from each other"

Anonymous: "Summer school was great! Very interesting and useful topic, top professor in a field, interesting people and nice place. It was very well organized school!"

Anonymous: "It was a really productive and enjoyable week. The instructor did excellent work during the lectures covering topics hard to catch-up by your own. The organization and the facilities were quite good! There were many opportunities to exchange experiences and socialize with people all around the globe. I would recommend it without second thoughts!"

Anonymous: "This summer school was very useful for my research needs. I am happy with the knowledge gained and what has been provided. I was able to meet others in related research fields and this has been very beneficial. Also, the organizing commitee members have been extremely helpful and very friendly"

Anonymous: "The 10th Summer School was a great opportunity to learn more about a very interesting and widely applicable topic. The lecturer and the organizers were helpful, and open to any question. Furthermore, it was a great experience because you have the chance to meet interesting people, to exchange knowledge and opinions and to visit the beautiful Greek island, Grete. The hole week was a great experience..."

ASSEE 2014

Magdalena Erdem, Bank of International Settlements: “I have applied to the ASSEE in order to gain more knowledge and experience in financial econometrics. The course justified my expectations completely. The theory, although quite complex and broad, was presented in a very accessible way. Besides that the organization of the course was excellent and I do not hesitate to recommend ASSEE to anyone who wants to learn some theory of interest as well as practical aspects of econometrics”

Adam Zaremba, Poznan University of Economics: “If a summer school should be assessed with the quality and quantity of knowledge gained, then this is one of the best I have ever participated” 

Anonymous: “Great summer school to enhance your knowledge in econometric analysis in a nice environment”

Anonymous: “Nice experience and increased value added in research”

Anonymous: “Nice opportunity for an in depth extension of econometric knowledge in an amazing location”

Anonymous: “The summer school was a very pleasant experience both in the lecture and the external activities” 

Anonymous: “Staying in the University of Crete was a very nice experience for me”


ASSEE 2013

Juan Carriquiry, Aalborg University: “Great summer school! Really interesting update on state-of-the-art econometrics in an amazing setting with world-class scholar” 

Dmytro Vikhrov, CERGE-EI: "Attending Prof. Wooldridge lectures, whose books researchers actively read, is a wonderful opportunity” 

Guillaume Vermeylen, Université de Mons: “The Summer School was a great experience! The organization was very good and the quality of the lectures was excellent! Meeting PhD students from such different backgrounds is only feasible during this kind of events. Thanks to the Organizing Committee” 

Franz Westermaier, Philipps-University Marburg: “I had a great time during the Summer School and improved my intermediate microeconometrics skills to an advanced level” 

Yehuda Porath, Bank of Israel: “The ASSEE was a useful experience” 

Anonymous: “We have covered subjects that would have taken some weeks in five days with a well designed programme. It has been a very productive week. Along with this intellectual experience I had great time in this beautiful town of Crete”  

Anonymous: “Very good place with excellent opportunities to learn new methodologies”

Anonymous: “It was a nice experience. The Summer School materials were very informative. The organization of the whole thing was really good”

Anonymous: “A pleasant working environment and a great staff. It was an enjoyable week. Thank you for the welcome and information sharing. Congratulations to the Organizing Committee” 

Anonymous: “Very excellent level of quality of teachers and topic treated”