Student’s Perspectives - Testimonials

“The topic of the summer school this year is very relevant to me. I learnt a lot about duration analysis, including both theories and how to do empirical analysis with it. The lab sessions are very helpful in improving my understandings of the contents of the lectures. The whole program reaches an excellent balance between studying and relaxing. The course is great, and the dinners and excursions are also great. I’ll definitely recommend this summer school to others.”

Li Yijie Aalto University School of Business

“I attended the Advanced Summer School in Economics and Econometrics in the context of my PhD studies and I must say that my expectations are beyond than fullfilled. The content and quality of the courses are assured from every aspect and the daily combination of lectures and lab sessions have definitely rendered my research training both rigorous and complete. ASSEE provides a great chance to young researchers to attend courses on specialized topics in Economics and Econometrics, satisfies very high quality international teaching standards and offers an exceptional stimulating environment both for research training and brainstorming. I would definitely attend ASSEE again!”

Xanalatou Sotiria University of Luxembourg

“ There are so many opprotunities in this summer school to grow and develop personally and professional. From day one, a nice interaction with the resource person who delivered good talks about duration data, converse with the organizing department faculty and other researchers. I also thanks to organizing committee to give me a happy and healthy enviroment and supportive people. I am proud to be a part of this workshop.”


“The summer school was a great experience. Prof. Cameron excellently covered interesting and complex econometric topics with intuitive explanation and practical examples. The organization of the summer school, including excursions and accomodation, was wonderful”

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